Topeak SmartHead ThreadLock Upgrade Kit

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Beschreibung von Topeak SmartHead ThreadLock Upgrade Kit

Der SmartHead mit ThreadLock Adapter funktioniert mit Presta- und Schrader-Ventilen. Passend für JoeBlow Ace, JoeBlow Mountain, Joe-Blow Sport II, JoeBlow Max II und JoeBlow Max HP.

Dieser kompakte CNC Aluminium Schraubaufsatz kann für eine optimale Kontrolle des Luftdrucks direkt auf Presta- oder Schraderventile geschraubt werden.
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  • Bewertungen (1)

Datenblatt für Topeak SmartHead ThreadLock Upgrade Kit

Produktname: Topeak SmartHead ThreadLock Upgrade Kit
Hersteller: Topeak
Artikelnummer: TOP176721
Modelljahr: 2018
Gewicht: ca. 34 Gramm (Herstellerangabe)
für Ventilart: Presta und Schrader Ventile
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  • Bewertungen (1)


(1 Bewertungen)
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Anonym 15.06.2018

I have this adapter on a Topeak CNC aluminium pump, bought from bike24. It sucks because it soon started to be impossible to fix on the valve, making inflating tires from zero pressure a very difficult and annoying task. I bought the pump especially for its pretended quality, at the time it was the most expensive pump from Topeak, especially to be sure I avoid such problems once and for all. It did not work. When I complained to Topeak in a Facebook message they ignore it.

I ordered a new adapter, but the problem is that it comes out with the valve cap, after pumping the tire. This already happened 2 times!

Bike24: We want to apologize for the inconvenience, the product has caused for you. Please contact our customer service for a solution to your issue in case you ordered this product in our webshop.
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