Syntace Litecap Ahead-Kappe

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Beschreibung von Syntace Litecap Ahead-Kappe

Die 1 1/8 Zoll Litecap Ahead-Kappe von Syntace aus Aluminium. Inklusive P65 Aluminium-Schraube (M6x35).
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  • Bewertungen (1)

Datenblatt für Syntace Litecap Ahead-Kappe

Produktname: Syntace Litecap Ahead-Kappe
Hersteller: Syntace
Artikelnummer: SYN103110
Modelljahr: 2018
Produkt-ID des Herstellers: 102866
Material: Aluminium
Gewicht: ca. 7 Gramm (ohne Schraube)
Bauart (Ahead/Gewinde): Ahead
für Gabelschaft-Durchmesser: 1 1/8 Zoll
Farbe: Raceblack
Lieferumfang: inkl. P65 Aluminium-Schraube (M6x35)
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(1 Bewertungen)
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Very light and discreet, but watch out for the bolt
This set is surprisingly light, finish is very good, and the cap itself is flat and discreet, very aesthetically pleasing. I thought I might have trouble mounting only with a 5mm spacer below it, since the cap's totally flat, I thought it could need more space underneath, but proved to fit perfectly. However the bolt is 4mm too long for my expander, so it won't go all the way through. This is probably because of the expander I currently have installed, so we can't attribute this as bad design. Finish of the bolt is very good too, just have a hacksaw ready in case it doesn't fit!
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