Shimano PTFE Lube Mehrzwecköl

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Beschreibung von Shimano PTFE Lube Mehrzwecköl

MountainBIKE 03/2018 - Preis-Leistung Tipp! (Urteil: Sehr Gut!)

Das PTFE-Öl minimiert Reibung, Geräusche und reduziert den Verschleiß. Das Öl eignet sich sehr gut für trockene Bedingungen. Egal ob Kette, Ritzel, Kettenblätter oder Schalt- und Bremszüge, mit Shimano's PTFE-Öl sind Sie gut beraten.
  • Beschreibung
  • Datenblatt
  • Bewertungen (2)

Datenblatt für Shimano PTFE Lube Mehrzwecköl

Produktname: Shimano PTFE Lube Mehrzwecköl
Hersteller: Shimano Parts
Artikelnummer: SHI108549
Produkt-ID des Herstellers: EWS1600131
Lieferumfang: 100ml Flasche
  • Beschreibung
  • Datenblatt
  • Bewertungen (2)


(2 Bewertungen)
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I have bought once and I didn't notice anything special until the bottle was empty.
Other PTFE oils disappearing quicker and leaves the chain dry but not this one.
Stays longer on the chain in dry condition and the cleaning is easier. And still good for wet weather. The consistency is the best of all, I also used it for lubing fork stancions before each ride.
Do not expect miracle but the difference is perceptible and visible.

Cons: I think it is not environmental friendly.
It's great
Why 4 stars? I have always used regular bike chain oil and it performed great and I don't see any kind of improvement with this one. Both leave the same black stain upon touching and so on... But it seems as if this one is superior quality to regular oil, I recommend it
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